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Tronox Incorporated Tort Claims Trust - Home

Welcome to the home page of the Tronox Tort Claims Trust.  The purpose of this website is to provide claimants and their attorneys with general claim-related information and electronic access to documents and forms relating to the trust distribution processes.

Distribution of the Trust's assets is governed by the Trust Distribution Procedures, which are available for download on the "Resources" page of this site.

Per the Trust Distribution Procedures, claims fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Category A: Asbestos Claims and Future Tort Claims
  • Category B: Indirect Environmental Claims
  • Category C: Property Damage Claims
  • Category D: Non-Asbestos Toxic Exposure Claims

Materials relating to each category are located on the category's resource page.  For example, you would find a Claim Form for a Category D claim on the "Category D Resources" page.

Questions?  You can contact the Trust's helpline via email at tronoxtorttrust@garretsongroup.com or by phone, toll free, at (800) 753-2480.




***The Trust is currently processing Future Tort Claim submissions.

***For personal injury claimants (Category A and Category D claimants), Medicare and/or Medicaid may have a reimbursement claim against your settlement proceeds if they paid for healthcare services relating to your injury, and therefore Medicare and Medicaid resolution is required.  The first step in that process is determining whether you were entitled to Medicare and/or Medicaid.  Even if you did not have Medicare or Medicaid coverage, the Trust still must check with Medicare and Medicaid to confirm that you did not have coverage.  If you had Medicare or Medicaid coverage, you will not be eligible to receive payment until the Tort Claims Trust resolves any reimbursement obligations that you have as a result of your coverage, which can take additional time.

***All counsel: If you have not done so already, please ensure that the Trust has your correct email address, street address, and phone number by emailing the information to the Trust at tronoxtorttrust@garretsongroup.com.



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